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End poem reading "Milos" by Anis Mojgani


cut the shit, and look all around you
what is this that always surrounds you?
A love exists it just hasn't found you, you can't escape this town can you?
so you stay awhile....and go fake a smile
These things tend to take awhile
waiting for the end since, you were a child
but i swear that, this is vital, we were given signs

when the rain comes, when the rain comes, I'll be walking on
I'll follow the sun, we'll all follow the sun

Long talks, Short Nights, Tell me "It's alright" even if it's not alright
We'll walk, till 'Daylight', Stay Warm, Stay Light
Just don't stay inside, THERE'S NO REASON TO STAY DRY

when the rain comes, when the rain comes, I'll be walking on..

Milos by Anis Mojgani
"Be the storm;
the front porch;
the bend in the path;
the heat in the south;
the heat in the boot;
be a boot full of banjo strings;
a fist full of written songs;
a mouthful of chocolate dust.
When they come to take us,
stab them between the eyes.
Do not take your hand from around mine.
Make a fist with the other, and punch spines like guilt. Spit, sweat, kiss them like a grandmother. How will open mouthed terror love filled?
And when they come to tie us down, to strap us in, to shave our hair
and ask to hear penance come from inside us
You say with me loud and trembling,
but loud and clear. "I have already emptied myself.
I have emptied myself.
I am a picture waiting to be filled with the night.
A bowl for plums; those plums have come.
I have emptied myself.
I kissed regret goodbye,
took the hands of another backwards angel,
and rode backwards into the rain
watching our footsteps gallop away behind us."
When the hangman of morrow comes to hang the sun in its daily execution say this with me:
"Sarah we are apples,
our love is an arrow;
I'm unbuttoning my shirt;
painting a circle over my heart,
please.. just shoot straight."


from RURALA, released March 5, 2015
"Milos" end poem is written by Anis Mojgani, all credit to him



all rights reserved


The Absolute Sky Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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